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Empowering Leaders to Empower Change



Survivor Leadership

Survivor Leadership encompasses the notion that a survivor is much more than a trauma experience. It speaks to the fact that victims are not tethered to their victimization, but instead they experience growth into being both a Survivor and a Thriver. Any traumatic experience is devastating, however it is not the definer of an individual's life path or of their humanity. Survivors-Thrivers can be leaders in any field of choice, as well as in all areas in life. They are resilient, phenomenal, skilled, and capable of making an impact in or outside of the human trafficking movement. 

Within the movement, there is a prevailing idea that, in order to be a leader or a contributor, Survivors have to share our trauma stories. It is false, in every way, that our stories are the only thing that we can contribute to the movement. Thrivers are the key to creating effective, successful, and specfic services and policy. 


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Our Shattering Barriers Symposium was postponed due to the CV surge. It’s now rescheduled for Friday, April 29th.


Please join us for some deep dialogue! A day of learning, exchange, and understanding! 

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Our Philosophy

We believe the key to making effective change is to love, respect and treat everyone as equals. Which, means everyone's voice is unique and should be heard. As a community, we have to actively address the issues, struggles affecting it in order to thrive. We believe communities possess the ultimate power for change. 
We believe survivors are the experts!

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