Our Founder

Founding Executive Director

Sarai T Smith-Mazariegos

Sarai has been helping high risk youth in various capacities for over 17 years and
has achieved groundbreaking strides in her field. She has worked with survivors of
domestic violence, sex trafficking, runaway/homeless youth, foster care/probation
minors, group homes/shelters, juvenile courts, and the last 15 years supporting
CSEC-specific services. Sarai is a specialist in crisis intervention and trauma
informed care services for women and children who has experienced sexual abuse.
Extensive knowledge in residential and direct services management, victimology,
youth development, and program and resource development, community building
though awareness and teach in events, advocacy in addressing gender violence
and social injustice with young girls. She is a member of the Executive Committee
San Francisco Mayor’s Human Trafficking Task Force, Program Committee of San
Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking, member of SBCEHT-No Traffick
Ahead, AC United, CEASE (Cities Empowered Against Sexual Exploitation) Network
and Former Co-Chair of Alameda County Sexually Exploited Minors Network. Sarai
is also one of the four Co-Founders of MISSSEY and former Chairwoman for
MISSSEY's Board of Directors. She was previously the Youth Support Center Site
Supervisor & CSEC Program Coordinator for Alameda Family
Services-DreamCatcher Runaway/Homeless Youth Services Division, where she
managed a support center, provided a variety of support services to high risk
youth and coordinated the development of the first Alameda County CSEC Home
(Nika's Place) with the same non-profit...-opened 2017. Sarai has designed
trainings and trains law enforcement, service providers, health care professionals,
teachers, etc. on prevention, how to effectively engage and provide trauma
informed care services to victims/survivors of sexual exploitation. She is also
Founder of Survivors Healing, Advising and Dedicated to Empowerment
(S.H.A.D.E) Movement – which is a survivor run consulting, advocacy human
trafficking organization, providing trainings, court advocacy, crisis
intervention-victim/survivor advocacy, program and policy development,
awareness events, research and survivor leadership. Sarai feels that her own
personal experience as a survivor of child commercial sexual exploitation has been
a motivation and true education in being able to thrive in her journey to help other
follow survivors free themselves.

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