About us


To empower survivors of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and domestic violence. Survivor Leadership is paramount to creating positive change and empowerment within and outside the movement.



  • To provide the survivor voice missing from mainstream efforts in the anti-human trafficking movement.

  • ​To plan, promote, and implement programs, awareness, and services for other survivors.

  • To create social and systemic changes, and be involved in bringing forth new ideas, protocols, and initiatives for sexually exploited and/or labor trafficked victims/survivors.

  • To be involved, in the empowerment of other survivors.

  • To provide and assist in the development of economic opportunities to build on survivor's capabilities.


SHADE is a remarkable organization that stands as a strong leader in the abolitionist movement. It is one of the first to give recognition to the contributions of survivors. I am proud to stand in support of, and in partnership with, Sarai Smith Mazariegos and SHADE. I am especially thankful for the courage and selflessness of SHADE members who inspire others.

-Nancy E. O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney